Games Like World of Warcraft

10 Games Similar To World of Warcraft

1. Guild Wars

2. Perfect World

3. Last Chaos

4. Ragnarok Online

5. Lord of the Rings Online

6. Maplestory

7. Shaiya

8. Runescape

9. Aion

10. Warhammer Online

World of Warcraft is the largest subscription based MMORPG along with Runescape. Listed here are several games like WoW in the sense that they involve some type of combat, are interactive, and have at least three or more similar features to WoW. Although most of the RPGs listed are games like World of Warcraft, none will mirror the game exactly. Chances are, if you enjoy WoW, you will enjoy one of the games above. However, if you are not satisfied, please vote and we can add or remove games that truly miss the mark. For example, Runescape is a browser based game like World of Warcraft and may not necessarily offer the full 3D experience, but most of the features are similar, even if they are less intensive.